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  "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." - Mark 16:15 



Spreading the Gospel of Christ Jesus with the King James Bible and helping everyone live better by the Word of God.

I hope you find my website interesting.  I want to present to you the Bible, which is the word of God, free from the perception of religion.  To be a Christian, you don't have to go to church, you don't have to do any fancy rituals like baptism, communion, or anything like that.  Being a Christian means accepting your guilt as a sinner under the eyes of a Holy God, and relying on Jesus, the Son of God, who without sin, died on the cross, was buried, and bodily rose three days later, paying a debt He did not owe, because we were never and never will be able to, as your ONLY way to Heaven.  When you do this, you become what's called born again.  The first birth is of flesh (ie being born), the second birth is of spirit.  This is when you become spiritually ALIVE.

Just about every religion or religious organization tries to put a slant on Christianity.  They try to put in rituals like confession or the last rites, others try to add good works to being saved, others try to convince you of a different Jesus (eg the Mormons, the Jehovahs' Witnesses), some do all, mostly they try to make money out of you.

This is about as far from biblical Christianity as you can get.  Jesus said that there was a broad path which leads to destruction and a narrow path which leads to eternal life.  Most people are on the broad path, following the words and the traditions of men, relying on their human effort to go Heaven.  There's a narrow path which is the one that God told us we have to follow, and it's trusting on Jesus entirely without relying on human devices and works.  This is called faith.  This is what I want to talk to you about.

I want to tell you about Christianity, about God, about faith, about freedom.  I want to expose for you the deception of religion, of the world, I want to ease your burden in life and make sure you live eternally, by telling you about the Gospel.  I don't want your money.  I want to see you in Heaven, and I want to make your life easier while you are here if I can.

Thank you and God bless.


No Money - No Fees - Just the Word of God.


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