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AIDS and Anti-biotics

I came across three articles of late on the BBC news website,

1. The first one speaks says,

'Giving healthy gay men HIV drugs 'could help reverse epidemic'
'Calculations, published in the Lancet, indicate giving the drugs to the most at-risk men could cut new infections by more than 40% in the UK......In London, one in eight gay men has HIV, while the proportion in the rest of the UK is one in 26'

I do not mean to be unkind here, but I was under the impression that AIDS was something that affects heterosexuals and gays equally, but it turns out it's not the case.  Don't shoot me if this offends you please, it's simply in the news.

2.  The second article says,

Doctors have expressed "huge concern" that super-gonorrhoea has spread widely across England and to gay men.
'"We've been worried it would spread to men who have sex with men," Peter Greenhouse, a consultant in sexual health based in Bristol, told BBC News...."The problem is [they] tend to spread infections a lot faster simply as they change partners more quickly."

Doctors fear the sexually transmitted infection, which can cause infertility, could soon become untreatable.'

It's saying that gay men are causing gonorrhoea to become a super bug, resistant to anti-biotics, due to the nature of their intercourse, but especially that it spreads quicker due to that they change partners more quickly.

3.  The third article says,

Oral sex is producing dangerous gonorrhoea and a decline in condom use is helping it to spread, the World Health Organization has said.
'She said: "When you use antibiotics to treat infections like a normal sore throat, this mixes with the Neisseria species in your throat and this results in resistance." 
Thrusting gonorrhoea bacteria into this environment through oral sex can lead to super-gonorrhoea. 
"In the US, resistance [to an antibiotic] came from men having sex with men because of pharyngeal infection," she added.'

This article is saying something more specific, that the anti-biotic resistance of gonorrhoea has came about from gay sex.

I don't mean to be unkind, and let me tell you something, the Bible tells us that we are all sinners, and as we should hate the sin, but should love the sinner, and I myself am a sinner too.

It has to be said though, that with sin, it's not just the person committing the sin that suffers, but other people too.  If you have a murderer, who else suffers? The victim, the family, society.  When you tell lies, who suffers?  The person being lied to, those associated with a lie, and lies affect society as a whole.


"Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." Proverb 14:34

So is the way of a nation, when we call evil as good.

Calling out sin is not hatred, calling out evil is not hatred, because if it was, then any law that is put in a court is hatred, because it is calling something out.  Sin is sin, and the more we sin, the more our nation and all the nations suffer.

There is a difference between calling out sin for what it is, or not calling out sin for what it is, and hating someone.  There is a difference when you call evil as good, and remain silent of evil being as evil. 

The difference is that it's promoted in the media that homosexuals don't want to be called out for their sins, but this isn't true when it comes to the individual.

And what of this unchecked sin?  As Proverb 14:34 says, in this instance, AIDS in increasing, anti-biotics are becoming and have became ineffective.  How many people will die as a result of this irresponsibility?

Should we care?  Or should the nation go to ruin?  I sometimes wonder what gets promoted the most.



11th July 2017


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