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  "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." - Mark 16:15 


Bible Facts About Heaven

Dr. John R. RiceBy Dr. John R. Rice


Forward - How to Use This Booklet

     First, enjoy it.  Saints of old rejoiced as they talked about Heaven.  Their songs were about Heaven.  And Jesus commanded His disciples, "Rejoice, because your names are written in Heaven" (Luke 20:20).

     Pray God to make Heaven real to you.  It is not far away.  Angels go and come continually from Heaven to earth and back.  Heavenly beings watch us with infinite tenderness.  They rejoice when a sinner repents.

     Search out the Scriptures.  Carefully check every reference.  Let no unbelief steal away your joy in the blessed promises about Heaven.

     If this message can make Heaven real and sweet to you, it will have been well worthwhile.

     In Mississippi I sat late talking to two old saints of God about the Lord and the happy land to which they would soon be going.  As we talked, prayed and praised the Lord together, Heaven seemed very near.

     The next day as I drove five hundred miles, from Mississippi across Louisiana and part of Texas, I dictated to Miss Viola most of this book.  It was sweet to my soul and I trust will be sweet to yours.

     Next, use this booklet to comfort people.  Multitudes who have lost loved ones by death are anxious to know where they are and whether they will meet them again.  Oh, if they knew what is in the Bible about Heaven, how much lighter would it make their burdens!

     Great peace can God's message about Heaven give to a troubled heart, so give them this book and earnestly pray that God will make Heaven real to them.  Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.

    Some are old, sick and troubled.  This world loses its appeal when the steps become tottering, the hearing becomes dim, and failing eyes don't see as they once did.  With loved ones gone, riches or fame or pleasure become baubles and trash.  Give elderly people this book to comfort their hearts and lighten their way.  

     Some are sick with an incurable disease and have not much time.  They would rejoice in the good news about a far country which after all is not very far, a place where the Saviour has promised to take them if they trust Him.

     Put this booklet in the hands of the elderly, sorrowing, sick, the troubled.  By talking to them about Heaven, Jesus comforted the apostles the night before Gethsemane's burden and before Calvary's awful sacrifice.  Even on the cross He talked to the dying thief about the Paradise to which He would take him that very day.

     Third, use this booklet to win souls.  Many times hearts have grown tender as they found the sweet provision God has made in Heaven for those who will trust in Him.  The message of Heaven is a soul-winning message.  Jesus told the doubting and troubled disciples, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."  Jesus is the way to Heaven.  So use this booklet to get many saved.

     At the close is a decision form, making it easy for readers to write down their names in a solemn transaction of trusting Jesus Christ for salvation and claiming Him openly.  The decision must be made in the heart, but it will help to give assurance and honor God if it is made more definite and more public by a solemn, signed agreement.  This decision slip may make it easier for some to see how simple it is to trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.

     Prayerfully use it, and make sure that is is not a mere form but an honest action of a heart in full surrender and trust, giving over the whole heart, life and soul to Jesus Christ.

     And now, dear reader, if you love the Lord Jesus and have trusted Him as Saviour, then one glad day I will meet you in the Homeland, in the Father's house of many mansions; and there together we will sing redemption's song and worship Him forever.


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Published 1940


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