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The Curse of Alcohol

The following, is a sad news report, about a man, who, behaving completely out of character, committed a murder on another man, at a house party, over a misplaced or unaccounted for, bottle of alcohol.  The bottle of alcohol, retailing at the most, at about £15 (just under $20), the price, for a life.

BBC News, Link:  Link
Man jailed for drinks killing row in Edinburgh
'A man who killed a party-goer in Edinburgh following a row over a missing bottle of alcohol has been jailed for nine years.
Paul Beattie, 46, stabbed James Gatti outside a house in Gilmerton last year.'
The man was killed by another man, at a house party, over a suspected missing bottle of alcohol.

To further fuel the fire, the argument began with the killers partner, and the victim of the murder, over a suspected bottle of alcohol, 'Malibu', going missing.
'However, Beattie and Ms McCulloch were forced to leave after she got into an argument with fellow party goers. She thought they had stolen a bottle of Malibu from her.'
With the murder being committed, while under the influence, of alcohol, and drugs,
'The court heard he had spent the evening before the crime drinking large amounts of alcohol and taking drugs.'
On sentencing, the judge stated,
"You have robbed a young man of his life, his wife of her life partner and his young children of their father."
And furthermore, the murderer, not only committing the murder, but having to live with what he did, behaving completely out of character,'
"On the other hand, I take into account of the fact that this attack was out of character."
Folks, it WAS out of character, it was brought on by a DIFFERENT character, the character which taken on when one is under the influence, of what is rightly known as alcohol, and more accurately, spirits.
'Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes? They that tarry long at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine.' Proverbs 23:29-32
Not the Holy Spirit, but what is called a familiar spirit, the spirit of alcohol, which is the spirit of the devil.

How the Media Portrays Alcohol

Alcohol Advert - Mr wealthy and sophisticated
Here we the have the alcohol drinker, with his bottle of whisky.  Notice how he appears as sophisticated, successful.  He's wealthy, affording good clothes, expensive furniture and decor.  Not only is his wealth reflected in his surroundings, his bookcase, but the suggestion is, he's wise, smart, with all the books around him.  Suggestion:  Drinking alcohol makes you 'smart', 'wise', 'successful', 'attractive'.

Carlsberg Advert - Intentionally Implies that Alcohol Gets You Good Friends

Carlsberg - Alcohol "Friends" Marketing Campaign
Source: Coloribus Poker/"Friends" Campaign

From the marketing companies intention and description:
Insights, Strategy and the Idea

1. Position Carlsberg as a reward for people showing courage.
Give new meaning and gravity to the whole tired concept of ‘friendship’ in the context of beer advertising.
We didn’t flatly claim that Carlsberg is a reward for true mates standig up for a friend, we demonstred it and by doing so dramatically associating the brand not just to friends, but to friends who would practically kill for each other. Making it so much more than the average ‘social-friendship-beer’-ad. Witnessing such true friendship makes us question ourselves, and our own friends. It makes us wonder if any of our friends would do that for us.
There you have it.  Cold.  Calculating.  With no care about you, or me, or anyone.  Alcohol does NOT get you friends.  The reality of the sin of alcohol, is that it breaks up families, gets you isolated, ruins your career, even your job, gets you a criminal record, makes you make stupid decisions you would never normally make.  Sadly, like the man in the article, who behaved very much out of character.

No one drinks alcohol and changes their character into a good samaritan of some sorts, like the above advert suggests.  Instead, you become a liability to yourself, and everyone around you.  EVERYONE is the victim, where alcohol is concerned.

The REALITY of Alcohol

Official figures from the UK Office of National Statistics: Link

The proportions of violent incidents that were alcohol-related increased as the afternoon and evening progressed, from 23% of violent incidents occurring between noon and 6pm, to 52% were between 6pm and 10pm and 83% occurred between 10pm and midnight.

Table of alcohol offences - assault, wounding, strangers, acquaintance, and domestic (ie, a persons partner and/or children)

Figure 5.4: Proportion of violent incidents where the victim believed the offender(s) to be under the influence of alcohol, offence and violence type, 2013/14 CSEW

The reality is, alcohol does not turn anyone into a 'swell' guy, but leaves you likely to commit acts that you would never normally commit in your right mind.  It's not 'cool', it doesn't make you successful in your life, with attracting a mate, with being a good friend, it doesn't make you sociable - 64% of violence against strangers is alcohol related.  That is not being sociable, being a useful member of society.  It literally turns you into a menace, a demon!  As the saying goes, 'the demon drink'.

If Alcohol Makes You Intelligent, Sophisticated, Wise, Gets you Great Friends, Why do we have People Ending up Like This?

Alcohol Drinkers at a Park Bench
The realitly is that alcohol is heavily marketed, and advertised, to make it seem like the most normal, sociable, and respectable thing to do.  Truthfully, if we removed the blinkers, the glasses of the advertising brainwashing, we realize, when we are around people consuming alcohol, we are left with unpredictable out of character behavior, with a high risk of criminal activity taking place.  Not knowing how people would act, and having them act randomly, unfocused, confused, including ourselves if we consume it, we would not WANT to be around people who act like that, literally out of their minds, nor would we want to find ourselves doing something we can truly regret, a life changing event, affecting us forever.

'Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.' Proverb 20:1

2nd August 2018.


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