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False reason for only using the King James Bible

The following is not the reason why the King James Bible is used as Gods inspired word in the English language,
To varying degrees, KJV Only advocates argue that God guided Erasmus (the compiler of the Textus Receptus) to come up with a Greek text that is perfectly identical to what was originally written by the biblical authors. However, upon further examination, it can be seen that KJV Only advocates are not loyal to the Textus Receptus, but rather only to the KJV itself. The New Testament of the New King James Version is based on the Textus Receptus, just as the KJV is. Yet, KJV Only advocates label the NKJV just as heretical as they do the NIV, NAS, etc.
Source: GotQuestions

It's true that the Textus Receptus is Gods word preserved in the original Greek.  The texts that the NIV and all modern versions are based on are different texts - Textus Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus.  These two texts were discarded due to being inaccurate copies.  The first one was found discarded as waste (Codex Sinaiticus) in a monastery, the second found abandoned in the Vatican library (Codex Vaticanus).

Just because something is translated from the correct source does not make it a good translation!  For instance I could translate an Italian news article, and the translation could be poor.  GOOGLE TRANSLATE could translate the news article, and like everything going through Google translate, it's a poor translation from a good source.

There's articles everywhere about why modern versions using the Textus Receptus are flawed, and articles on this site too. Take a look here, here and here for some examples.

Modern versions based on the Textus Receptus have the right source, but they're still influenced by the translators, and political correctness.  Removing references to homosexuality, removing potential objection to the Charismatic movement.  The Modern English Version (MEV) changes the word strangers to refugees which is clearly a political move.  The Greek word parepidÄ“mos means stranger, or one who comes from a foreign country to reside with the natives, or someone who's temporarily visiting a place that's stange to them.  Yes, refugees do come from a foreign country to reside with the natives, but so do immigrants!  What about people who have gone to work?  What about someone who goes to a new town within their country and they're all alone?  They are strangers.   The Modern English Version (MEV), although based on the Textus Receptus, doesn't translate the words accurately, but puts a political slant on it, not just a modern slant.  Peter was speaking to all the strangers, not just refugees, it's wrong to exclude people from God's word, and it's wrong to translate it for political agendas.

It's no surprise because the modern translations are put together by an ecumenical group who among the committee members, are denominations which support homosexual marriage, which support faith healers etc, along with differing political views.

The King James Bible still stands as the best translation, firstly because it's from the most authentic source, but secondly because it's the most accurate translation from this source.  People died trying to bring the Bible through the Textus Receptus to the English language, not that people dying makes the text right!, but the history of the text, that it agrees with something like 99% of Biblical texts out there, the history of the King James Bible, that people have been martyred for it, the accuracy of the translation, all contributes to people saying that it's Gods inspired translation in the English language.

GotQuestions is a good site, but it's not representing, or perhaps realising the full story.  The King James Bible stands as the best version, not just because of the text it's based on, but because of the accuracy of the translation too, being translated without bias.


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30th July 2017


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