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Feminisation of Christianity

I came across this interest article online source: listing that Christianity is becoming more female orientated and the 'masculine male' is few and far between:

I too have found issues with churches, I am not a 100% manly man, but I am as men go fairly masculine, I've played lots of sport, learned how to fight (boxing), had a bit of a rough lifesyle at times before being saved, and sometimes after, and enjoy the company and banter found amongst men.  It's true that many men in the Church and religious life are less than average masculine, "(the adult) ministerial group exceed in femininity the college educated man of the seventh decade."

Biblical men were manly men.  John the Baptist was a rugged man who lived off the wilderness.  He wasn't afraid to speak the truth to anyone.  Jesus himself was a manly man.  He grew up as a carpenter, in the days when there were no modern tools.  He would have been rugged and physically capable.  He spent 40 days without food in the desert, risked life and limb speaking out the truth to whomever required to hear it, whether it was the Pharisees in the synagogue, or the ordinary man.  He accused a women whom He had just met of being an adulter (John 4:18).  Imagine such a thing today?  Jesus was not being disrespectful, He was simply speaking the truth, to which the woman agreed.

Such ways of being able to live would not be identified by many, if not most people, in most Churches today.

Although it is good to attend a Church, many Christian men find themselves not within Church, but out fighting the fight as a solider of Christ (2 Timothy 2:3).

I do not agree with the teachings of the website, which is Catholism, as detailed in a few places on, however the article is indeed an interesting one, should you wish to read it in full.

"The established churches have long made a parade of their concern for civil-rights and for the plight of minorities, but there is one minority whose cause they quietly ignore: black men. The problem of criminality and drug abuse among inner-city black men is a problem of the distortion of masculinity. But the liberal churches have little to say about masculinity except to condemn it as an obstacle to women's liberation. Churches that spend their energy hunting out and obliterating the last vestiges of patriarchy are in no position to help black men attain the status they so desperately need for their own good and the good of black women and children: that of patriarchs, responsible fathers who rule their families in justice and love."
There is some truth to this statement.  Attending as a masculine man, with strong opinions and a less than feminine manner of speaking and acting, which although it is not un-Christian, it can be viewed as such.  Liberal churches can have a problem with a man behaving as a man, in case it upsets the feminists.  Male clergy and male congregation can have a problem with it, if it reminds them of their own inadequacy and a potential 'threat' to their influence of the mainly female congregation.  Strange power games.

The reality is that a manly man can indeed be very caring of others, most people outside of liberal churches are very aware of this.  If we are to pander to anything, it should not be to feminism or male sensitive feelings, but to the word of God.

7th August 2017


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