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John Wesley - Vegetarian?

John Wesley on Horseback

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The great man of God, John Wesley, who led a great revival, tirelessly preaching the Gospel to the poor,  is sometimes cited as a person who promotes vegetarianism as a correct way to live as a Christian.  John Wesley was a vegetarian, but it was not for moral or religious reasons, but for health reasons.

John Wesley, in his letter to the Bishop of London, confirms he became a vegetarian as an adult, not out of moral compunction, but for reasons of personal health,
"By 'extraordinary strictnesses and severities,' I presume your Lordship means the abstaining from wine and animal food; which, it is sure, Christianity does not require. But if you do, I fear your Lordship is not thoroughly informed of the matter of fact. I began to do this about twelve years ago, when I had no thought of 'annoying parochial ministers,' or of 'captivating' any 'people' thereby, unless it were the Chicasaw or Choctaw Indians. But I resumed the use of them both, about two years after, for the sake of some who thought I made it a point of conscience; telling them, 'I will eat flesh while the world standeth' rather than 'make my brother to offend.' Dr. Cheyne advised me to leave them off again, assuring me, 'Till you do, you will never be free from fevers.' And since I have taken his advice, I have been free (blessed be God) from all bodily disorders."
John Wesley makes it clear, in his letter to the Bishop of London, that:
1.  Christianity does not require abstaining from meats.
2.  He resumed eating meats for about two years to prove it was not a point of conscience.
3.  He stopped eating meat once again, due to medical advice from his doctor.
John Wesley was a vegetarian not out of moral or conscience reasons, but due to having a weak stomach.


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