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Mixed Up Fundamental Christianity

A great sermon by Pastor Jack Hyles.

When you think about two people at work.  One of them is a drunk, so he does not do any work.  When he's not drinking, he's smoking, so he's not doing any work.  The other person, he doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he lives a clean life, but he's lazy, so he also doesn't work.

What have you got?  One person who's respectable, one person who isn't, but TWO people who aren't working.

WHAT are you doing for the Lord?

It's one thing to clean up our lives, and we should, but we should look to clean up our lives, to put ourselves in a BETTER position, to do things for God.

That means, soulwinning, helping the poor, the needy.  Not just sitting in Church.  Not just congratulating ourselves for the things we DON'T do (see Luke 18:11), but, making ourselves useful for the Lord, doing things in His name, saving people, handing out Gospel tracts, working for Jesus.

It's a truth that someone like Hugh Heffner could have done as much for God in one year - nothing, than someone who attends Church each week but does nothing for God also.  One of them may be saved, yes, the other one may not be, but, in terms of productivity, it is just that one of them has less sin than the other.  They are both being unproductive.

The sermon is here, if you'd like to listen to it.


Dr. Jack Hyles

Dr. Jack Hyles











20th January 2018


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