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Scientology - Pastor Max Younce

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The Founder: L. Ron Hubbard
Scientologists believe that a person is a spirit, called a thetan, dwelling temporarily in a physical body. Over many eons, thetans have forgotten their former existence as god-like beings with control over MEST: Matter, Energy, Space, and Time. Scientologists strive to return to this native state. Upon the death of the body, the thetan is recalled to an "implant station", run by evil forces (usually identified as "psychs"—psychiatrists or psychologists) to have its memory erased (the notion "to forget" is implanted) so it will remain under psych control. It is then returned to Earth, whereupon it finds and inhabits a new body.
Scientology processing aims to bring out the (super) natural abilities of the thetan by "clearing" a person's spiritual barriers.
Note: For legal reasons, the Church officially denies that its services have any medical benefits. Nonetheless, Scientologists are led to believe their physical conditions can be improved. They are forbidden to seek medical assistance without consent and Hubbard unequivocally stated that Dianetics and Scientology cure a variety of diseases and conditions. Since Hubbard is Source and his writings are Scripture, the notion of physical improvement through tech is basic Church doctrine.
At the lower levels of Scientology, such barriers consist of painful memories, called engrams. Scientologists hold the contacts (often called "cans" because of their resemblance to soup cans) of an E-meter [offsite], a device that measures galvanic skin response. The E-meter's needle movement is interpreted by the Auditor (a type of counselor) as an indication of the auditee's emotional state.
At higher levels of processing, spiritual barriers take the form of Body Thetans ("BTs"), which are the disembodied spirits of extraterrestrials who were brought to this planet millions of years ago and murdered. These spirits were then "implanted" with various false memories. Many groupural traits and customs (for instance, Christianity and Anglo-American society) are manifestations of these implanted impressions. Scientology explains that BTs cause all mental and physical problems and therefore need to be removed to allow the individual/thetan to come to the fore.
Well, after all this "mumbo-jumbo" this seems to boil down to, "Your God is yourself!" We you find Dr. Younce's message very informative and helpful.


13th January 2018


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