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New articles added in May 2017

How to get to Heaven - The Narrow Path
How to go to Heaven - Bullet Proof steps
The UK - A Nation of Atheists?
What IS the Bible?
Sin - What IS it?
Contemporary music, Churches and Devil worship
How to Pray
How Old is the Earth and Mankind
Great Whales

New articles added in June 2017

Tithing - Giving 'the tenth'
Which Bible to Use?
How to Test the Spirits
Who would you rather have running your Church?
The Insanity of 'Slutwalk'
Occult Powers Are Real
Praying - Groanings which cannot be Uttered
The Lord Cares about What is In your Heart
Doing Good Deeds
TV Programmes, Pornography
Ravi Zacharias - False Prophet
The Weapons of our Warfare are not Carnal
Know You Are Saved - 3 Quick Steps
King James Bible - Thee's and Thou's
Abortion is Murder

New articles added in July 2017

Looking After Our Health
Viewers And Doers
Should Pastors Have a Part-Time Job?
Questions for Catholics
Would you like to be Saved?
Calling all addicts
Pastor Danny Castle - Great MP3 Sermons!
Psalms Scottish Psalter Songs
Amazing Grace - Scottish Bagpipes
It's Under The Blood - Great Songs!
Pope on how to go to Heaven - Is he right?
AIDS and Anti-biotics
Catholics not being allowed to read the Bible
Zombies - Silly Nonesense
Worldwide Directory of KJV Independent Baptist Churches
God Rewards Labours, not Methods
Power of Hollywood?
Holiness Movement
MEV - Modern English Version
MEV - Modern English Version Part 2
False reason for using the King James Bible only

New articles added in August 2017

Problems with Evolution
Woman Pastors are Sinful
Submission - Biblical Practicality
Feminisation of Christianity
The Church Impotent
Romans 13:1
Praying to Angels
1 Chronicles 29:20
King James Bible Audio
Warning about using different Bible versions

New articles added in September 2017

Look to the Things of Others
Scientists Confounded over Evolution
24 Hour Old Time Christian Radio
Mormonism is NOT Christian
Can I lose my Salvation?
Glorious Gospel of Christ

New articles added in October 2017

Women Pastors
Looking after Church members
The Superiority of the King James Translators
Can you Believe in God and Go to Hell - Mormons

New articles added in December 2017

Sowing, Growing and Knowing the Tares
Must faith endure
Lordship Salvation - Jack Hyles
How To Be Unknown - Pastor Jack Hyles

New articles added in January 2018

The ROMANS ROAD to Heaven
Ways To Miss Heaven
Pastor Max Younce - Scientology
Serious Gap in Cosmic Expansion Rate
The Thigh Uncovered
A Return to Biblical Modesty - Daphne Kirkland
You Tell On Yourself
Our Mixed Up Fundamental Christianity
Fashion Inspiration For Ladies
Stephen and Christina Rains - Singing
Verge of Losing Everything

New articles added in February 2018

Confess with thy Mouth
Smacking a Child

New articles added in March 2018

I Can Count on You Lord
Starting Over
Atheism - Great Minds?
Will a Robot take your Job
Food, Fasting & Faith - Brother Lester Roloff
Food, Fasting & Faith - Foreward
Food, Fasting & Faith - Food
Food, Fasting & Faith - Fasting
Food, Fasting & Faith - Faith
Big Bang Theory is Wrong
Lordship Salvation - EXPOSED
The Viper of Facebook

The Old Cross and the New
The Loneliness of the Christian
Dr. Jack Hyles Library - Launched 20th March 2018
Get Mad! But Don't Get Even
Joyce Meyer on Tattoos

New articles added in April 2018

The King James Bible - Free to Listen to or Download
King James Bible - Text Version
Subscribe to the Lord - New International Version (NIV) corrupts Isaiah 44:5: Says it's OK to get tattoos
Are Tattoos OK Today?
God Will Use Anyone
The Story of Veganism
              Veganism: Main Page and Introduction
        I.    The Historical Proponents of Veganism
        II.    Christian Vegetarianism
        III.   Modern Day Vegans
        IV.  What of John the Baptist
        V.   John Wesley - Vegetarian?
        VI.  Scriptures which are claimed to support Vegetarianism
        VII. Philosophy of Veganism
        VIII.Psychology of Veganism
        IX. The Treatment of Animals
        X.  Discussion
        XI. Conclusion
Pastor Jack Hyles - Stop the Sin before it becomes Evil: We may not be able to prevent a sin, but we can prevent that sin developing into evil!
Ravi Zacharias - Doesn't Explain the Gospel
Looking Under the Cover
What's Wrong with Modern Bibles
Danny Castle - Don't Quit
Hard Preachin', Tough Love
John Wesley - A Vegetarian?
Independent Baptist Website - Let's get back to Bible Preaching! - Excellent article
Bible Apps or Bible Books
Facebook In Churches
Tithing - an excellent YouTube study of Tithing - Is Tithing a Christian Doctrine?

New Articles added in May 2018

Avengers Infinity War Blasphemes the Lord Jesus Christ
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
Pastor Gene Kim Presents the Gospel
Beyonce, Sasha Fierce and Demon Possession
Beyonce on Sasha Fierce
Conversation with a New Evangelical
Victory Through The Blood - MP3 Song and Sermon
British Christianity - Declining or Sleeping?
Ray Comfort - Pay of the Master
Friendly Fire Christianity

New Articles added in June 2018

Getting Saved is Easy ....
Regular Joes/Christians Who Stand Out
Can a Christian Stop Believing?
They Went Out From Us... (A Christian can never lose their Salvation.)
I 'Used to be a Christian'

New Articles added in August 2018

Haggai Chapter One - Rebuilding His Temple
I can Live for You Today - Great Hymn and Sermon!
The Curse of Alcohol
The Holy Bible - The King James Bible - Read by Alexander Scourby, with music - Free MP3
Bible Facts About Heaven - Dr. John R. Rice
        Forward - How to Use This Booklet
        I -   The Comfort of Heaven
        II -   Heaven, a Real, Literal Place
        III -  Heaven Immediately Follows Death for Christians
        IV - Christians Know Each Other in Heaven
        V - In Heaven They Observe Us on earth with Complete Knowledge and Eager Interest
        VI - Christian, "To Die Is Gain": We Should Long for Heaven
        VII - Christ May Come Today to Take His Own
        VIII - Christ the Way to Heaven; Make Sure You Are Going There
Evangelist Dr. John R. Rice (1895-1980) - Televised Sermon on Praying and Unanswered Prayer
An excellent stand by a man of God and his family, over the King James Bible
Is It Right: To Judge, To Expose Error, & To Name Names? - Pastor E. L. Bynum
        SPUC - Promoting the Rights of the Unborn in the UK
        Project Truth - Youth Outreach Campaign visiting towns and cities to campaign for human rights for the unborn
        Project Truth - Follow their campaign in Scotland on Facebook
Some Pitfalls of Middle Class Christianity
What's Wrong with Christian Missions?
Dr. Peter Ruckman - Bring Them In
Dr. Peter Ruckman - Why Men Won't Read the Bible
And If Thy Hand Offend Thee...
Know A Man By His Enemies
UFO's in the Bible
Dr. Peter Ruckman - Very Interesting Sermon on UFO's
How You Can Know You Are Saved - Part 1
How You Can Know You Are Saved - Part 2
Outreach of a Small Church
Getting On With Other Christians
Will I Lose My Salvation if I Stop Believing in Christ?
Ex-Catholics For Christ! - Interesting ministry of a dad and son ex-Catholics who are now saved!
Science vs. Evolution    PDF version here.
Gap Creationism - Interesting defense of the Gap Principle and the historical men of God who supported it
Ephesians Chapter 5 - Butchered  Sadly, by a modern, wordly Church of Scotland minster.
What Changes a Church - Interesting article and worth a read

New Articles added in September 2018

Hymn Time - Lyrics and Melodies to Many Old Hymns
SMS Orchestra - Meditations For Orchestra
            Orchestra - Meditations for Orchestra Volume 1
            Orchestra - Meditations for Orchestra Volume 2
            Orchestra - Meditations for Orchestra Volume 3
            4-5 Minute Sample: Just As I Am Hymn with Gospel Readings
Jesus is Lord? - Romans 10:9
Scholars and Scoffers
Old Christian Radio   
Shining Light Baptist Church - 3 Hymns on MP3   
Shining Light Baptist Church - Hymn - I Can Live for You Today on MP3    Longer Version with Intro MP3
Shining Light Baptist Church - Hymn - I Can Count on You Lord on MP3
Bible Preaching - Pastor Danny Castle YouTube Channel - Will include live streams
When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There - YouTube Link MP3 Link
Ira D. Sankey - Great Gospel Singer and Hymn Writer
Scottish Festival Singers- Male Praise Choir -  Powerful Singing - YouTube link
        The Song of the Soldier!  Let us FIGHT for Christ! - MP3
       12 Powerful Hymns sung by the Scottish Festivals Male Praise Choir - Free MP3
The Christian's Speech and MUSIC is Different - Great Article by a Brother in Christ!
Crazy Scientists Dating How Long People Have Been on Madagascar
I Want My Sex Back: Transgender people who regretted changing sex (Documentary)
A website by a gender re-assigned man to help people regretting changing genders
That's What I'll Be Willing To Do - Connie Hall Gospel Song - MP3        YouTube Link
Send a "Sword of The Lord" Suscription as a Gift - Can be Ordered for Overseas Also
'Tool Marks' on Ancient Bones cannot be differentiated from Stone Tools or Croc Bites        Phys.Org Article
Jesus Is Coming Back
Forget the Programming of How a Christian Should Be - Peter Ruckman - You Tube     MP3 Link     Romans 12:2
Former Beyonce drummer claims Beyonce practices witchcraft
Romans - People who Reject God, But can Still be Saved
Does a Reprobate Mind Mean You Cannot be Saved?    No!
Solve Church Problems - an excellent helps ministry from a bona fide man of God, Dr. Bob Gray Sr.
Little Things - Dr. Jack Hyles
Steven Anderson Reprobate Doctrine Refuted
The False Reprobate Doctrine - Another Gospel
Wicked Rant by Pastor Steven Anderson
Dr. James Ach on Calvinism and Pastor Steven Anderson

New Articles October 2018

Do Right Christians - Great Website promoting Biblical, Fundamental Christianity
What Must I Do To Be Saved? - Dr. John R. Rice
Does God hate Homosexuals - Proverbs 6:16-19 says No
The Gap Fact - Dr. Gene Kim
Common Man's Reference Bible
Internet Deceivers - MP3     YouTube - Nice Sermon - Never Give Up - A little work is a LOT for the Lord!
Being Alone is Hard -  MP3    YouTube - Approx. 17 min Sermon for Bible Believers who are Alone!
Further Sermon on Depression!    MP3    YouTube    I Always Have the Joy :)  Praise the Lord! :)
Sin Cannot Be Overcome by Force, but by Love
The Creed of the Alexandrian Cult
The Bus Ministry -  YouTube Link     MP3 Link    MP3 Song From Sermon    We SHOULD CARE!!! :)
Hebrews 10:25 - Does a Christian Have to Attend Church?
Justice for Katie Allen - My heart goes out to this young lady who took her own life, her family, and the other victims of the wicked prison service.
Jesus Cares - MP3     Sermon Audio - A beautiful sermon by Dr. Peter Ruckman

New Articles November 2018

My Name is Drugs
The Truth Concerning Cultural Relevance - Christians who say older men are irrelevant, from Solve Church Problems
UK Investigating Why Referrals for Gender Dysphoria in Children Have Increased Over 4,000% In 10 Years

New Articles December 2018

Old Christian Radio
Dr. Gene Kim - How to Find a Christian Husband or Wife        MP3 Link
The Wickedness of Modern Bibles in Mark 5:30
Actress who Wears Immodest Dress in Egypt faces 'Insighting Debauchery' Court Charge

New Articles January 2019

Fascinating Facts about the Great Pyramid
Further Fascinating Facts about the Great Pyramid
Unexplained Sulphur smell in Iran - has a pit to Hell opened?
Are Heretics Saved?
Two cool (traditional) Hymns - Better Be Ready! (Jesus Is Coming) - Ron & Shelly Hamilton
           O, The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus (Hale & Wilder)
Must Watch! - How to Use Dispensationalism            MP3 Link
Light2Scotland - Scottish Bible Believing Christian Evangelists
Final Fight Bible Radio - Standing without apology on the Authorized Version of the word of God
Song Leader's Friend YouTube Page - Old-fashioned congregational piano accompaniment for a church, missionary or any body of believers who lack a piano player at the time.
Dealing with Heresy

Shattering Discovery of Monkey-Bones - short sermon on so called monkey bones, in regards to the humorous story that people were somehow monkeys.         MP3 Link Sweeping scientific study says 90% of all life including man appeared no more than 200,000 years ago, and appeared at the same time.  No evidence for Darwinian evolution and no intermediate species exist.
Citrate Hype - Richard E Lenski's E. Coli experiment does not show evolution and here.
Old School Evangelist Gypsy Smith's Mission to Glasgow, Scotland
Revival Library - A Plethora of Histories of Great Revivals and their Leaders
Quotes from Dr. Bob Gray Sr.
"Why trimmest thou thy way to seek love?" Jeremiah 2:33a - Dr Bob Gray Sr.
Anti-Depressants Can Kill You - Please read this if you are taking or considering taking anti-depressants, or are considering suicide.
Before Committing Suicide - Christians Watch This! - Please Keep Perspective       MP3    - Whether it is suffering, shame, guilt, or fear, instead accept it and surrender to God
Pastor Gene Kim Makes a Fool Out of Evolution    MP3 - It would take a machine to spell out "THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION" at the rate of 1 quadrillion attempts a second, 25 billion years.  Yet how many letters are in the DNA sequence, which only had a claimed 5 billion years! 

New Articles February 2019

Why I Believe There Will be Another Gospel During the Tribulation
What to Do When Absolutely NOTHING Helps        MP3
Statement of Faith
Can't Take It Anymore?  A beautiful short sermon    MP3  - It's not just YOU, it's a sign of weakness    2 Tim. 2:3 & 1 Cor. 10:13 - Go TO CHURCH!!
How to Disprove Jehovah's Witnesses using Their OWN Bible
Dr. Ruckman - Forget the Programming of What a Christian should be - Approx 4:30 minute sermon on being a soldier for Christ.
Great Songs! - Seminole String Band - It's Just a Book?
        Seminole String Band - Brethren We Have Met To Worship - :)
Revelation 3 - Church of Laodicea - Hensley            MP3
Soul Winning: Every Christian's Job - Dr. Curtis Hutson - PDF
Brave Chinese Pastor Makes a Stand for God - "Separate me from my wife and children, ruin my reputation, destroy my life and my family – the authorities are capable of doing all of these things," Wang warned. "However, no one in this world can force me to renounce my faith; no one can make me change my life, and no one can raise me from the dead." - Pastor Wang
The Confusing Position of Independent 'Fundamental' Baptist Churches
About the New King James Bible - PDF Tractus by Dr.  Peter S. Ruckman exposing the NKJV (New King James Bible)
Dr. Peter Ruckman - Why I believe the King James Bible is the Word of God - MP3
Fringe Goonball Steven Anderson Wants Everyone Dead
Seven Churches of Revelation - YouTube Link        MP3 Link        This might be the hardest, convicting preaching I have ever heard.   ".. that every mouth may be stopped ..." Romans 3:19
Salvation Throughout the Bible (Rightly Dividing Dispensations) - YouTube Link        MP3 Link         A good explanation of dispensations by Hensley, lasting only approx 42 mins
Interesting Website - Jack Hyles was not part of the 'New IFB'    Jack Hyles did not distance himself from Dispensationalism         Exposing the 'New IFB'
Plenty of Time?
Ed Russ & The Old Fashioned Quartet     City of Gold MP3 - Great Song!  (A personal favourite! :))
Dr. Ruckmans Last Sermon Announcement - MP3  (Approx. 8 mins)    Praise the Lord for this humble teacher and man of God
Don't Forget the Hindmost! -MP3    (Sermon by Dr. Jack Hyles) - Please, in our snobbishness, please let us never forget the least of us!
Principles For Pastoring - Dr. Jack Hyles  - Which often equates to, principles for being a man, or, leadership in most cases.
A Pastor's Heart - Dr. Jack Hyles - A poem by Dr. Jack Hyles
Deep River - MP3 - A short recording of myself singing a capella an old Christian song (no fancy equipment! :))
Wicked Pope smirking at man of God Ian Paisley for standing up for God - YouTube Clip
Ian Paisley in Scotland for Pope's visit 16th September 2010 - YouTube Clip
Will The Old Book Stand? PDF - Interesting pamphlet from 1890 on the Holy Bible being the word of God by Horace L. Hastings - There are no new attacks under the sun!    Eccl. 1:9
Internet Archive - Interesting site for searching for old Christian books, like this one here.
A Plethora of Hymns written by Dr. John R. Rice, performed and taken from audio tape.
Momo - Please beware of this ritualistic Satanic so called 'game' targeting children - not hackers, but Satanic.
Jesus Christ Superstar  - Approx 20 min presentation - Dr. Peter Ruckman rips this rock-opera apart.

New Articles March 2019

Strange video of Steven Anderson claiming Moody, Spurgeon, Sunday are false prophets - YouTube      MP3
Billy Sunday Preaching about Alcohol     YouTube        MP3        MP4
Billy Sunday Warns America (1929)    MP3        MP4
Superman! Dr Ruckman Brags on the Lord! (Approx. 14 mins)    YouTube        MP3
Amazing Grace - MP3 - Poor quality, myself with singing with some simple ukulele chords
How to Handle a Jealous Preacher - Hensley - YouTube        MP3
Mastering Temper
Gene Kim - Short Term Anger has Long Term Infection    YouTube    MP3     Then Uzziah was wroth ... and while he was wroth ...  the leprosy even rose up in his forehead before the priests in the house of the LORD,  2 Chron 26:19

New Articles April 2019

Should a Christian play Dungeons & Dragons?    Very interesting article on the psychology behind the game
Scottish Festival Singers - Male Praise Choir - Choral Fanfare     O Praise Ye The Lord!
Baptist Bride BALONEY!     BEWARE of Baptist Pastors who "don't recognize your baptism"!
King James Bible Baptist Worldwide Church Directory Church - I can't make claims that they are all doctrinally sound (I know of one which is a 'Baptist Brider'), but it should be a good list to check, if you are looking for a church.
Street Preaching Rescources!     Amen!
How to Deal with those Who Have Little Or No Concern about their Souls
Bible Songs for Kids - YouTube Link
    Only a Boy named David - MP3      MP4
    Arky Arky with Lyrics - MP3     MP4
    Jesus Loves Me - MP3     MP4
Jesus Loves Me - Low quality recording, musical instrument is a ukulele
A close look at the Gospel -  MP3  - It's one thing to KNOW it, but one has to RECEIVE it! :)      YouTube Link    
Top 10 Women DEVIL Pastors!      MP3       YouTube Link
How To Live Like A Christian -     MP3    YouTube     Amazing Bible study by Hensley
Psychiatrist says demonic possession is real - Interesting news article
How To Rebuke People The Right Way - YouTube  -   Interesting short Sermon    MP3

New Articles May 2019

Ruckman Expose - Beware the fraud of Dr. Peter Ruckman.  It's one thing to say the King James Bible is God's word, it's another thing to claim it has equal or higher inspiration that Paul, Moses, James etc (eg, the originals). 
The KJV is trustworthy, but can it be inerrant? God promised to preserve His word (Psalms 12:7), not a translation!  The KJV is by far a superior translation, but it is unbiblical to claim double inspiration!
The King James Version of the Bible - Steven Houck
Dangers of Ruckmanism as Applied to a Foreign Bibles - Is English the only language God would fully use?


“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.” — 2 Cor. 11:3-4

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