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New articles added in May 2017

How to get to Heaven - The Narrow Path
How to go to Heaven - Bullet Proof steps
The UK - A Nation of Atheists?
What IS the Bible?
Sin - What IS it?
Contemporary music, Churches and Devil worship
How to Pray
How Old is the Earth and Mankind
Great Whales

New articles added in June 2017

Tithing - Giving 'the tenth'
Which Bible to Use?
How to Test the Spirits
Who would you rather have running your Church?
The Insanity of 'Slutwalk'
Occult Powers Are Real
Praying - Groanings which cannot be Uttered
The Lord Cares about What is In your Heart
Doing Good Deeds
TV Programmes, Pornography
Ravi Zacharias - False Prophet
The Weapons of our Warfare are not Carnal
Know You Are Saved - 3 Quick Steps
King James Bible - Thee's and Thou's
Abortion is Murder

New articles added in July 2017

Looking After Our Health
Viewers And Doers
Should Pastors Have a Part-Time Job?
Questions for Catholics
Would you like to be Saved?
Calling all addicts
Pastor Danny Castle - Great MP3 Sermons!
Psalms Scottish Psalter Songs
Amazing Grace - Scottish Bagpipes
It's Under The Blood - Great Songs!
Pope on how to go to Heaven - Is he right?
AIDS and Anti-biotics
Catholics not being allowed to read the Bible
Zombies - Silly Nonesense
Worldwide Directory of KJV Independent Baptist Churches
God Rewards Labours, not Methods
Power of Hollywood?
Holiness Movement
MEV - Modern English Version
MEV - Modern English Version Part 2
False reason for using the King James Bible only

New articles added in August 2017

Problems with Evolution
Woman Pastors are Sinful
Submission - Biblical Practicality
Feminisation of Christianity
The Church Impotent
Romans 13:1
Praying to Angels
1 Chronicles 29:20
King James Bible Audio
Warning about using different Bible versions

New articles added in September 2017

Look to the Things of Others
Scientists Confounded over Evolution
24 Hour Old Time Christian Radio
Mormonism is NOT Christian
Can I lose my Salvation?
Glorious Gospel of Christ

New articles added in October 2017

Women Pastors
Looking after Church members
The Superiority of the King James Translators
Can you Believe in God and Go to Hell - Mormons

New articles added in December 2017

Sowing, Growing and Knowing the Tares
Must faith endure
Lordship Salvation - Jack Hyles
How To Be Unknown - Pastor Jack Hyles

New articles added in January 2018

The ROMANS ROAD to Heaven
Ways To Miss Heaven
Pastor Max Younce - Scientology
Serious Gap in Cosmic Expansion Rate
The Thigh Uncovered
A Return to Biblical Modesty - Daphne Kirkland
You Tell On Yourself
Our Mixed Up Fundamental Christianity
Fashion Inspiration For Ladies
Stephen and Christina Rains - Singing
Verge of Losing Everything

New articles added in February 2018

Confess with thy Mouth







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